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Preparing for Road Test

Whether it is your G1, G2, or G road test, any driver is bound to get a little nervous before their driving test. However, if you went to driving school and paid attention to the driving lessons you should be more than ready for your test.

Take the following into consideration when preparing for your driving test:

  1. Make sure you have everything in place: Your G1/G2, your certificate if required, your glasses and/or contact lenses must be with you when you go for your road test.
  2. Be on time: Make sure you are on time for your road test. Being on time will ease your driving test nerves and you will also get a chance to look around.
  3. Be prepared: Make sure you have all the areas of driver training covered. Don’t be afraid ask any questions.
  4. Take an evaluation lesson: An evaluation driving lesson will determine where you stand and you will be able to approach your driving test with more confidence.
  5. Surprise everyone: Be secretive about your road test except telling your own family. You don’t need to live up to your friends expectations.
  6. Don’t go looking for examples: Don’t listen to other people with horror stories of road test. Be prepared and trust yourself.
  7. Keep your eyes and ears open: Listen to the examiner and do as the examiner tells you. Don’t forget to use your common sense and the driving lessons you learned in driving school.
  8. To err is human: Don’t set your standards too high. There are always second chances.

Taking a driving test, whether it is your G1, G2 or G will be a little stressful. However, if you took driving school and paid attention to the driver training, you will be will on your way to passing the road test.

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