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How to Get an Ontario Drivers License

How to Get Your Ontario License in Ontario?

The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario first introduced graduated licensing in 1994. The main purpose of this system was to lower accident rates amongst new drivers, lower insurance costs, and improve driver education through a series of road tests. The two-step licensing road test system is straightforward and new drivers can follow these steps:

FAQ about your G1 Road test

The first thing that teens need to do before they take their G1 road test is buy a Drivers handbook.

  • Read the book
  • Go to the MTO office for your written road test and eye examination.
  • Bring two pieces of I.D.
  • join Ultimate Driver’s education program.
Can I join New Method before I get my G1?

Yes you can. There are two parts of the program-classroom and In-car driver education. For the classroom part you do not require a G1. Once you complete your classroom training then you can go and get your G1and practice for your G2 road test

What if I fail my G1 Test?

If you fail your G1 drivers test you can go back in three days and re-write it. Fees may vary by location. For example, the fee in Brampton may be different from the fee in Burlington.

What kind of restrictions apply to me with a G1?
  1. No alcohol
  2. You cannot drive alone. A fully licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience should accompany you in the front passenger seat.
  3. The accompanying or supervising driver must have the blood alcohol level of less than 0.05 percent.
  4. Each person in the vehicle should wear a seat belt.
  5. You must not drive on 400 series highways with the posted limit over 80km/hr.
  6. You must not drive on certain urban roads including the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway in Greater Toronto area.
  7. You can, however, drive on any road if your accompanying driver is a Driving Instructor.
  8. You cannot drive between midnight and 5 a.m.
When can I go for my first road test?

The soonest you can go to get your G2 is after one year from the day you get your G1 license unless you complete an Approved Beginner Driver Education Program consisting of 25 hours in the classroom and 10 hour of minimum in car instructions on the road. If this has been completed, then you can go for your first road test to get your G2 in 8 months.

Will I get my G2 right after completing the program?

Once you join the program you are at liberty of completing it anytime before your G1 exit road test

I recently moved to Ontario. Do I still have to go through G1 and G2 road tests?

If you have moved to Ontario from any country other than Japan and United States and you have more than two years of driving experience then upon showing your license form your country of origin your waiting time after G1 and/or G2 road test is waived.

You also have the privilege to directly attempt to do your G2 exit road test to obtain you Ontario G class license (only one direct attempt is permitted).

In case you are unsuccessful in passing you G2 exit road test, then you have to pass G1 exit and G2 exit to get you regular Ontario G class license.

If you have moved from any province in Canada and you have had your license for less than two years it will be converted into Ontario G2 class license. This means upon passing a G2 exit road test you can have Ontario G class license.

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